Top 10 Windsurfing Spots in the World

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Maui is the windsurfing capital of the world, and it has many of the globe’s finest windsurfing locations. The overall weather is pleasant, providing you with a lot of wind and waves to enjoy on your board. With temperatures frequently above 26 degrees most of the year, trade winds ripe from May to October, and breathtaking beauty, it’s no surprise that Hawaii is the best windsurfing destination. However, keep an eye out for sharks; they’ve been sighted on rare occasions in this hot spot!

Fuerteventura, Spain

The best time to visit Fuerteventura is from November to March when a steady breeze accompanies the sun–a heavenly combination for your gear if you’re a pro. Located in the Canary Islands, this is a windsurfer’s playground. With no hurdles in your path and consistent winds throughout the day, windsurfing here has been said to feel like flying.

Sotavento Beach, also called Windsurfing World Championships Land, is the holy ground for windsurfers. The beach is open to all windsurfers throughout the year, with the Championships in July being hosted there. Because of the island’s features, it offers a range of wind conditions that windsurfers can use to discover what they’re searching for with the stunning natural settings as a backdrop.

Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa is widely recognized as the world’s best windsurfing location. The most consistent winds in Europe occur here along the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Africa; consequently, you won’t be at a loss for wind with an average of 300 days per year with speeds above 15 knots. Tarifa is also a favorite destination for windsurfers worldwide because it provides access to the northern and eastern sides of the Strait, which are excellent spots for wave sailing.

Cape Town, South Africa

With about 250 days of strong winds averaging 12 knots per year, this is a prime spot for windsurfing. Because the winds tend to be consistent, it’s an excellent location for those who want to develop their skills, especially during summer. The famous beaches of Cape Town allow you to discover the surf and if you’re fond of competitions, look no further than the yearly Protea Banks Speed Challenge and SA Nationals at Supertubes.

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Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a small town on the outskirts of Lisbon, and it’s quickly becoming one of the best windsurfing spots in Europe. The bay provides excellent conditions for all windsurfers, with a wide range of winds that make it perfect for learning or progressing. Not only is there wind, but the water remains relatively warm all year long.

Tarifa, Mexico

Tarifa is a great and unique destination for windsurfers who love variety: it offers multiple locations and conditions! There are generally strong winds throughout the region, but they do vary from different spots; this means you can try out a few other spots until you find what you love. In addition, Mexico offers a laid-back atmosphere and some fantastic restaurants to enjoy before or after your day on the water.

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa is a surfer’s dream with its long point break waves that provide great rides for windsurfers. The winds are consistent and strong here, averaging 12 knots year-round, making this a perfect spot to learn or progress. With the jungle as your backdrop, you’ll enjoy perfect weather and amazing waves while windsurfing in Costa Rica.

Tarifa, Canary Islands

Tarifa is busy all year long with windsurfers of all levels. The winds are consistent throughout the area at 15-20 knots per hour; this makes it an ideal spot for beginners or those who want to improve their skills. If you prefer flat water, you can always head to the Strait and enjoy waves or if you’re more of a freestyle, take your windsurfing rig over to Pozo Izquierdo.

Pozo Izquierdo is a world-famous windsurfing spot for its waves and consistent winds. The best time to come is winter when the strongest trade winds. You can find all sorts of wind conditions here to match your skill level and surfing abilities; furthermore, the locals are always happy to offer their expertise and support.

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is a popular destination for many windsurfers because it’s a fantastic place to learn and progress. The large bay provides flat water conditions to practice or compete in, but if you’re looking for the open sea, head over to Panagsama Beach, where you can find all sorts of conditions ranging from flat water, waves, and chop.

Sharm el-sheik, Egypt

This spot has it all: flat water and waves located just an hour from Cairo airport. The winds are consistent, speeds averaging 12 knots; this makes it perfect for all types of windsurfing. With crystal clear water and a wide variety of spots to choose from, Sharm el-sheik is quickly becoming one of the most popular windsurfing destinations in the world.

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