What to bring 

Below are the items that you should bring to your windsurfing lesson:

1.  Sunscreen - Do not forget to wear sunscreen SPF 30 or higher (the water proof kind). Wear sunscreen even if it is overcast, because the clouds do not stop the dangerous UV rays.

2. Jellyfish protection: either cover your skin with clothes (long sleeves and long pants) or buy Safe Sea before your lesson. This is a protectant against Jellyfish which have stinging tentacles. These creatures can also be found in the surf as well as Mud Lake in late summer. I have not found this product sold locally. It can be ordered over the internet. (Walmart, Divers Supply, Leisure Pro, etc)

or the link below:



3.  Please bring food or snacks of your choice

4.  Water and other drinks of your choice

5. If you don’t want to lose those expensive eyewear, please bring a lanyard to secure eyewear around your head. I recommend one that floats and buy a very bright obnoxious color so you can find glasses floating in water.

6.  Please bring an adult life jacket if you want to wear one. Please bring the child a life jacket that fits for their windsurfing lesson. Our lessons are typically in water where when you fall off, you can stand up.

7.  $5 CASH ($10 CASH on holidays) per car entrance fee if your lesson is at the Texas City Dike or Levee (Saturday or Sunday only).  This is the city's entrance fee 

8.  Towel and change of clothes.

What to wear 

1.  Swimsuit or boardshorts and sun protective clothing such as a long-sleeved rashguard like the surfers wear. If you do not want to buy Safe Sea to protect your skin from stinging water creatures, I recommend wearing long sleeve rash guard, leggings, yoga pants, or check out those Hybrid Angler pants with zip off legs to protect from possible stings (no jeans). Wetsuits are recommended when water is cool.



Under Armour Factory Stores: either in Cyprus or Texas City Outlet Malls


2.  Snug fitting footwear such as water shoes or old sneakers that you can wear in the water.  You MUST wear footwear in all the windsurfing locations due to ??? and sharp-edged oyster shells. 

What NOT to wear: Flip Flops, Slides, or Crocs are NOT acceptable for footwear while IN water. No denim jeans, NO loose fitting shorts, please. Remember that gravity has a tendency to pull down loose fitting clothing, epecially when wet.

Where to buy snug fitting footwear? "Surf shops", "Diving shops, Academy, Sun & Ski, REI, Sports Authority. You can find "cheap" water shoes at Buc-ee’s (6201 Gulf Fwy exit 17, Texas City), Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. 

Most “windsurfers" find that after 1 or 2 uses in the water, the cheap shoes become very uncomfortable because the soles keep coming out as you move around on the board. 

Below is an example of performance water shoes


3. Hat that floats or tied to your shirt

Please call me if you would like to talk more. See you there!

Tilley Airflo hat