Curriculum & Pricing

Course                        Title                                                Description                                           Price


101            Intro/Beginning Windsurfing               4-hour individual lesson includes instruction

                                                                          and one-on-one practice on the water

                                                                          with instructor. Equipment included.                      $175                                                


101G          Group Intro/Beginning Windsurfing      4-hour small group lesson includes

                                                                        instruction and group-on-one practice

                                                                        with instructor. Equipment included.                        $150 per person


201            Intermediate Windsurfing                    4-hour sesson.

                                                                        Equipment included.                                                $150

                                                                        Lesson using your own equipment.                            $110


202            Harness                                             1-hour individual lesson.

                                                                        Equipment included.                                                $100

                                                                        Your own equipment.                                               $60


203            Beach Start                                                         “                                                            “


204            Fast Tack                                                            “                                                            “                                   

205            Pivot Jibe                                                           “                                                            “                                               

301            Planing in the Harness                        1-hour individual on-water lesson.                        $100

                                                                          Your own equipment.                                             $60

302            Shallow Waterstart                                               “                                                          “


303            Front Footstrap                                                    “                                                          “


304            Back Footstrap                                                     “                                                          “


305            Deep Waterstart                                                  “                                                          “            


401            Speed and Efficiency                                             “                                                         “


402            Jibe Preparation and Set-up                                   “                                                         “


403            Jibe Initiation and Carving Position                          “                                                         “


404            Jibe Footwork, Sail Flip and Exit                              “                                                        “


405            Planing Fast Tack                                                  “                                                        “


501            Course Racing Tactics                                            “                                                        “


502            Starting Line Strategies                                         “                                                        “



Curriculum Information


101 and 101G Introduction to Windsurfing: $175/individual..$150 each student in Group

This 4-hour lesson is beginning windsurfing with priority on fun.  Equipment is provided. Student will learn getting the equipment together / apart, in and out of the water, wind direction, the basics of pulling up the sail and where to stand on the board.  Three hours of time on the water put the sailing basics into practice and the student is one-on-one with the instructor learning balance, sailing back and forth and turning around on the board.  In the group format, the same skills are taught, but the instructor’s time is shared with the group.


200 Series: Individual..Group -  $120 for 2 hours

These intermediate lessons can be done as one-on-one equipment provided, one-on-one with your equipment, group instruction equipment provided, or group instruction your equipment. In this lesson, students begin to hone their skills with larger sails.  When comfortable with this equipment the fun begins with learning to “hook-in” the harness and beach starting to sail with less uphauling. This series concludes with learning the more advanced turning skills of the fast tack and pivot jibe.


300 Series: $100/$60 Individual/Your equipment

After you are comfortable beach starting and cruising in your harness, it is time for learning to go fast while in control and to waterstart in deep water.  These one-on-one, hour long lessons give you what it takes to plane in the harness and learn about the footstraps for some real speed.  Deeper waterstarting is a skill that will keep you a life long windsurfer.


400 Series: $75/Individual/Your equipment

In this series you will sail at the advanced level and focus your learning on jibing. The series is rounded out with teaching how to carve the board upwind for a short-board fast tack. All lessons are one-hour and one-on-one.


500 Series: $75/Individual/Your equipment

These lessons are designed for the competitive racer.  One-on-one lessons focus on course racing, insights on ‘reading the wind”, tactics for rounding the buoys, and strategies for success at the starting line.