About Windsurfing

Windsurfing is an on-the-water sport that combines sailing and surfing and uses a craft called a sailboard. The basic sailboard is composed of a board and a rig.  Participants will regularly use different names to describe the sport, including sailboarding, windsurfing, and boardsailing. Despite the fact that the term,"Windsurfing" is the accepted name for the sport, participants are still called "sailors", "boardsailors", "windsurfers", or  "board heads" but NOT "surfers”. 

(Taken from Ken Winner's Windsurfing Student Manuel, 1989) 

Novice  boardsailors who struggle along without taking lessons remind me of myself: there was a time when I just had to do everything on my own, without help, without guidance. Recently I realized what a fool I'd been. The fact is, we have a finite amount of time in this world yet an infinite amount to learn. No matter how quickly we learn a skill, here are always higher levels to attain. So there is no point at struggling at the basic level, there is no moral victory to be won by being a beginner for weeks or months rather than hours or days. We all have ample opportunity to struggle later on, when we have reached the stage where further lessons are either prohibitively expensive or simply not available.

But there is more to boardsailing instruction than just learning the basic skills. A good lesson gives you a peek at the vast body of knowledge sailors have accumulated over the centuries; it begins to show you how you can become not only a boardsailor, but a safe and able sailor--one who is a hazard to neither himself nor to others on the water.

If what you are looking for is a thrill of boardsailing and the satisfaction of mastering a complex skill, taking lessons is the only way to go.

Good Sailing,

Ken Winner

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